"Expressing yourself through your belongings"

This is the main idea of eSpace new product, meowns. It is still currently a beta version. The main part of MeOwns is the widget. you can see that in the right side of the my blog.
well.. simply, that's me; owner of those books, that mobile device, that nice FZ3 digital camera and those cats. does that tell u anything about me. well, i guess yes. at least an impression.
You can ask me about my experience with this stuff too. We can share ideas, thoughts and wishlists. i can find other FZ3 owners or other cat owners, maybe we can be friends.

It is much interesting. i believe the meowns team did a great work here.

You currently need to be invited to make your meowns account, so leave me a note with your email if u want to try.


michaelyta said…
You mean

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