Thursday, July 27, 2006

complaining person

i like to write down my thoughts... have used to be doing so in the past... actually it makes me think clearer.. so the idea of the blog was very suitable and attracting to me.. so i started

ironically.. i wrote so little.. though i had a lot in mind.. my posts turned to be complains.. am i the complaining type or people.. never used to be..

but sometimes, when u step out of the circle and have a look at urself from out side u get shocked about how much changes u had without u even feel it..

i thought, and still thinking, of making a separate technical blog... and another blog for books reviews.. as if i read much :)..

how silly i am..

when i imagine that a person somewhere on the net that does not know me.. will read my blog.. he'll try to know about me from what i write.. i'll know he'll have some idea about me then.. maybe it is wrong.. maybe it is right and what i think about myself is the wrong..
how terrifying this thought is...!!!!

time time time

what the hell is going on??

"a month with zero production.!!!!"

outch... how hard to listen to that sentence... and i'm pretty sure it was more hard to say...

Learning vs Production... but none is progressing well... it is not about learning.. there must be a leak.. a time leak.. an effort leak..

i guess short term goals are essential now... tracking...i guess i have to be my own tracker now..

sometimes one has a goal in mind... so important and so valuable.. but he simply drift due to a lot of small minor negligable issues.. this is not meant to be...

it is to valuable to lose.. at least for me..