Tuesday, March 31, 2009

goosh.org The unofficial google shell

As a linux user, I spend most of my time using the shell to do most of the work. I am a command line fan like a lot of people out there.

goosh.org is a command line based (Ajax web based) interface for google, created by Stefan Grothkopp. You just write your search query and the results will be listed for you in a very similar manner to command line programs.

Searching using goosh will still need you to use your mouse to open the results and continue browsing. Not a very suitable shell mode. Well, this haven't been the main usage of goosh (for me).
Instead, I have been using it heavily as my translator.

Instead of:
  1. Going to http://translate.google.com/ in the browser
  2. Writing the text to be translated
  3. Choosing the from/to languages from the drop down lists
  4. Clicking "Translate"
Goosh lets you get this by:
  1. Going to goosh.org
  2. typing the command following command and hitting Enter
    translate src dst sentence
    for example:
    translate en ar my name is mahmoud
    to get "اسمي محمود"
There are short aliases for the various commands to use. translate (also trans and t).

Goosh is pretty much easier and more comfartable to use once you know your commands and its arguments.

Type help (or its alias man) while you are at the goosh shell to see the list of available commands. (example: man translate)

You can use the up key to get the last command to reuse it in a similar manner of using the shell. This is quite usable.