find a website value with dnScoop

I came across dnScoop, an online tool to determine the estimated value of a website depending on several factors. Factors include Domain Age, Page Rank, Inbound Links, Traffic Rank and others.

The power of dnScoop is that it interacts with several other domain lookup tools out there. u only need to provide the domain that you are interested in. unlike other website value calculators like websitebroker calculator and glurk that requires u to enter some data (monthly traffic, and Alexa Page Rank,....)
according to dnScoop this is the estimated value for some websites worth $1,884,000,000$1,740,000,000
www.sun.comworth$29,056,000(22 years old)
www.masrawy.comworth$96,900(8 years old)


Anonymous said…
Hi! is another website value, estimations and information tool. It seems to use the Alexa traffic information quite well and generates very accurate traffic information
mahmoud said…
very interesting indeed.. Thanks man

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