a new start on ubuntu

recently i decided to explore the world on through Linux.. i had tried in the past to install Ubuntu 6.1 on my desktop at home. but it ended in an MBR issue that i couldn't fix then, and i didn't have the time to track it down.
a couple of weeks ago.. i decided to do it again.. encouraged by my Linuxawy fellow. who offered his help, so.. i freed up some space and decided to go through it.

we had in installed and i started playing around with it. it is great. so far i'm running smoothly. i feel like my laptop is less loaded. but i encounter eclipse and firefox sudden termination from time to time.

the initial programs that we install on windows after a new windows install wasn't an issue. no office, no winamp, no ... etc. no need to keep "sources" directory.

Ubuntu uses repository for his packages. it is the same concept of maven handling java library projects. u define the repositories, and get packages through the "Synaptic Package Manager" or directly through the shell via "apt-get install packageName". u have the chance to discuss ubuntu packages, and any concerns through ubuntu forms.. so u'll find help, don't worry about it.

i already needed some help starting up my development environment. but let's talk about it in details later.


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