squeezed under pressure

suddenly i feel down.

a lot lot of things to do.. i can't even sit there manage them.. and the result.. no satisfactory progress in any of them..

it's not just my work.. home too.. other stuff too..

the irritating thing is that when u r working on a task for someone requiring me to go that person. and when i manage to go there and i called him first.. he simply postpones it to another time.. !!!!!
ignoring all the pressure i'm going through... i am not able and that free to go there twice a day..

when u have a lot of things to do and someone irresponsibly wastes ur time and effort.. this is very irritating.. i'm going mad because of it.. actually it makes me feel down more and more..

i think i need a ToDo list with priorities...

when i was thinking of reducing my tasks to reduce the pressure i realized that i have two sets of tasks: things that i have to do. and things that i want to do.
of course there can be stuff that belongs to the two sets at the same time.

so what..

should i let go the things i really want to do in order to sring the list ?!!!!!! i don't know.. just thinking of the idea depresses me.

should i let go the things i have to do? i'm not that moody guy who is inresponsible and can't be depended on.. that's not me..

i thought of communication to the people that i have a lot of things to do so they leave me alone and do not disturb me.. but the fact i found is that they do not consider what i want.. actually they do not consider even stuff that i have to do as long as they do not see it as a must..
i'm not going to argue with everyone to convince him that i have to do something.. why he puts his nose in anyway

it's for me to decide..

it all goes to me in the end.. yes.. it does..


magic said…
Good idea to have a to do list with ur "own" defined priorities, may b break anything u want to do into smaller things.

Just stop feeling down, nthg is worth it and besides what's it good for?! it won't help u b more productive, right?

u'll just waste more time on a silly feeling that can b fought easily. It's just a state of mind & surely it's in ur hands to fix it :)
Anonymous said…
i guess your to-do list was a failure!!! u didn't write anything in your blog for the last 3 months , that means either of 2 things
1. u didn't do a to-do list
2. u made a to-do list and didn't respect it

i guess writing in your blog and checking your favorite blogs should be put on your weekly to-do list

good luck
mahmoud said…
thanks magic and ma7dy...

actually i didn't make a todo list (although i am supposed to be working on a project to make a todo list web application... irony)
and although i'm in deadly need for one these days..

concerning blogs... yes.. reading my frinds blogs is something i do contiuously.. as for my own blogs.. i have two draft ones which i couldn't sit down to continue till now... :(

hope they'll be out to light soon

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