nearly 45 days have passed since my last and only post on the blog

surprising to me.. and the people who know me (and so few they are).. i used to write my thought in the past in a note book or any pieces of papers available when i feel like writing. usually no one else is allowed to read it.. it's something for me.. i think better when i write things...

apparantly this wasn't the case here..
is it lack of time?
and maybe it is the inner me that no one is allowed to read that prevents me from posting.. till i have some coding scheme so no one will be able to understand :).. the idea is releifing to me..

i've been through a lot of thinking moments recently..
i travelled for somedays. travelling gets u out of routine so u r not caught by daily events.. u spend some time in the train with nothing to do but think.. maybe read.. i wonder why i do not do these things as part of daily actions.. i should do

the last few days had a lot for me... and there is more ahead...


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