The butterfly side effect in making later appointments

One of the things I learned in life when dealing with appointments at service centers, specifically Visa Related appointments, is to be there as early as possible.  pick the first appointment possible.

KSA visa appointments with vfstasheel in Egypt starts at 9:00 and is available as 15 minutes slots. The point is,  if you picked 9:00, you should be there 15 minutes earlier which might be too early for some people. However, picking 9:30 appointment doesn't mean you are simply shifting everything for 30 minutes.  You will be subjecting yourself to lots of factors that cause delay in the processing of your paperwork.  you might be actually 1.5 hours later in finishing time.  Picking an appointment at 2:00 pm  might cause you to finish at 7:00 pm or even later.

Shit happens,  and the less early you are,  the more you are to be affected by issues with other people or even issues with the employees themselves.

Best practice,  be as early as possible when it comes to this model of making appointments


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