Sharing Is Caring

As they always say "Sharing is caring",  However, it struck me that for new generations, specially with those heavily using Facebook, that it might need emphasize on the different meanings that the term sharing started to have.

"Sharing is caring"  means allowing others to use or consume something that belongs to self. usually food or toys among children.

The term has evolved in the modern Facebook sphere. Sharing on Facebook started as actually something similar. You find something nice, you share it with others because you care about those others.

However, when "others" become a mass, things gets different.  You can care about someone but you cannot care about "others",  that's why we call them "others". The caring implied by sharing drifted from those to whom we share,  to the person who is involved in the topic of sharing. Or the voice of original author of something, who will be offered more exposure and outreach by you sharing his posts.

Sharing, in the Facebook world, has lots of meanings, including: contributing into someone's effort to voice his thoughts out to everyone.


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