Facebook "Thank you" moments

Few years ago, Facebook launched their "7 years look back" videos. where any Facebook user can go to https://www.facebook.com/lookback  to find a video generated for him, showing highlights over his historical activities and photos, beautifully animated along with a nice background music, and it went viral. everybody like to watch and share his highlights.

Nowadays, something more of that kind is up.  Facebook launched "Thank you" videos. Facebook users can visit https://www.facebook.com/thanks  with a list of friends on the side. Upon selecting a friend, a video will be generated with a wonderful theme and soundtrack showing highlights between you both. with generic thank you words. The content is usually photos where  are you both tagged in, or posts made by one of you where the other is tagged. Of course starting with your spouse by default :)

The wonderful part is that you can go through the list, and see highlights of you and different people. which eventually you would love to share with some of them.   even with those friends with not much interaction. facebook stays abstract and short, instead of making assumptions and looking stupid.  well done at that part.

Try it now https://www.facebook.com/thanks


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