Linode finally back to the new baseline of VPS Hosting

2 days ago Linode finally announced their new VPS Hosting offering with doubling the RAM and moving to Fast SSD storage

SSD Storage will allow much faster operations for both setup operations, compilation and ongoing running services.

And the new memory upgrade is considered a drop in the pricing to the half, since people can now use the same server Ram with half the price they used to pay.

The smallest Instance offered by linode is now the 2GB Instance with $20/mo as stated in their pricing list:

Plan RAM SSD CPU Transfer Outbound
Linode 2G 48 GB 2 cores 3 TB 250 Mbps $0.03/hr | $20/mo
Linode 4G 96 GB 4 cores 4 TB 500 Mbps $0.06/hr | $40/mo
Linode 8G 192 GB 6 cores 8 TB 1 Gbps $0.12/hr | $80/mo
Linode 16G 384 GB 8 cores 16 TB 2 Gbps $0.24/hr | $160/mo
Linode 32G 768 GB 12 cores 20 TB 4 Gbps $0.48/hr | $320/mo
Linode 48G 1152 GB 16 cores 20 TB 8 Gbps $0.72/hr | $480/mo
Linode 64G 1536 GB 20 cores 20 TB 10 Gbps $0.96/hr | $640/mo
Linode 96G 1920 GB 20 cores 20 TB 10 Gbps $1.44/hr | $960/mo

This is considered a good Getting Back in Track  for linode.  both offering has been there from DigitalOcean for more than 15 months. Causing lots of users to test waters with it and others to actually migrate to digital ocean.

Now the cost of the 2G Instance and larger instances is now the same for both hosting providers.
However, Digital Ocean still offers smaller setup starting from 512MB Server for $5/mo  which can be more suitable for lots of users.  Digital Ocean offering since the beginning of 2013 and still today:

Plan RAM SSD CPU Transfer Price
512MB 20GB 1 Core 1TB $5/mo
1GB 30GB 1 Core 2TB $10/mo
2GB 40GB 2 Core 3TB $20/mo
4GB 60GB 2 Core 4TB $40/mo
8GB 80GB 4 Core 5TB $80/mo

Linode, however still have an edge for better processor offering in some of the package, and is still known for their reliable support.


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