Organize your readings with Pocket, opportunity for more

I have been using pocket for a while now to queue all the articles I want to read, so I can avoid interruptions and read them when the time is more convenient.  This was actually the philosophy of the app since it was known as Read It Later.

This allows me to go through the list later on mobile while i'm in transportation or waiting at some facility.

Seems perfect,  but actually things don't go just perfect.  not something wrong in the app, but rather myself.  Like lots of people out there, I'm a lazy procrastinating person. I'm working on fixing this, however, it is a fact I have to admit.

This resulted in a fact that I queue lots and lots of stuff in pocket, and read a lot lot less than what's there.  Saving things on pocket queue gives you a sense that it won't be lost and you can always get back to read it whenever you want. well... sometimes this "whenever" is not good with lazy people.

With a clear options to ignore those people, which is truly understandable. there is another opportunity in helping them fix their habits and attitude by several approaches. here is one:

What about having an optional functionality to automatically retire/archive entries older than X days or weeks.    Articles do get obsolete anyway. So instead of feeling secure that the entries will not get lost. one will know that it is a limited time, and you have to go through things, and perhaps skip unimportant ones and read what matters in a reasonable time.

Everything online is a stream, it doesn't matter what's the first article you ever saved. you always get to capture the latest. This is actually has a better analogy with life itself. everything happening around us is a stream, and life is limited.

Now is this idea really an opportunity or just a meaningless thought.  I guess the attitude of current users might tell better. maybe i am the only lazy person in here :).   To figure this out, there can be a measure
The percentage of "read" items  to the total items queued per person.  or maybe a more complex measure taking the rate of read items vs added items per month.

There is no easy way to see those numbers for myself, but definitely pocket team can tell.
X= (number of read items) / (number of queued non-archived items)

and the question is.  what's the average of  that measure across all users?...   what's the value for me "modsaid" ?


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