Migrating repos from SVN to git

It is straight forward to migrate your old SVN code to git. I highly advice everyone to do that even if they're not going to publish it on github or actually use it. but backing up a git repo can get to be very handy.

Thanks to Kevin Menard for his  svn2git, the migration can be very straight forward.  I have created a usage repo, using-svn2git, to speed things by adding it to Gemfile and using a specific rvm gemset, assuming you are using rvm. to make it as simple as:
  • git clone
  • bundle install
  • start the migration...

Of course having the standard SVN repo structure will save you a lot. You will probably only have to maintain the proper author.txt mapping file between svn and git users (example of the file is in the repo).

I have tried to keep the readme short and to the point. I hope you find it useful.



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