problems connecting to yahoo server with pidgin under ubuntu

Few days ago I noticed that pidgin is unable to connect to my yahoo account. I decided to have a look at the matter and realized that Yahoo has changed the way of the authentication as part of upgrading their software.
pidgin released a new version that uses the new method (2.5.7). so I had to upgrade my 2.5.2 to the latest version.

There was something wrong when i tried to follow the instructions on pidgin website. So I went to downloading the source code, following the instuctions in the INSTALL file to compile, build and install pidgin.

I needed also to upgrade libpurple to 2.5.7 by:

apt-get remove --purge libpurple0
apt-get install libpurple0

Finally, I was able to connect to my yahoo account :)


Ahmed El Gamil said…
Thanks mohammed, worked fine on intrepid here ..
mahmoud said…
glad it helped

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