Adding files to svn:ignore through command line

Recently, I have been making most SVN operations through command line. I find it more powerful, robust and surprisingly easy to use in basic operations.

svn update
svn status
svn commit file1 file2 file3 -m 'message describing the updates'

One of the things that i couldn't do at first is to mark items to be ignored. I finally realized how to do this.a directory under version control has several properties that can be set to describe the files in that directory. our property of concern is svn:ignore. We can ignore files by editing the svn:ignore property of the containing directory.

svn propedit svn:ignore .

This will open an editor allowing you to write the names of the files to be ignored. then saving and committing the directory. Note that the last parameter "." means the working directory.

You can set you favourite text editor to be used in this operation by setting the environment variale

export SVN_EDITOR=vim
export SVN_EDITOR=gedit

You can find more details on svn commands by typing "svn help"


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