Rich Text Editors for Radiant CMS 0.6.7

If you are creating a radiant project that will have content edited by non technical people, you'll probably need a rich text editor to be available in your website.

There are several Radiant extensions available for that purpose including TinyMCE, Wym Editor, and FckEditor.

Well, TinyMCE is a very nice text editor, but it seems it is not yet compatible with Radiant 0.6.7. I managed to installed it successfully following the installation instructions, I can see it listed among the extensions in the administration area, it is there among the filter when editing the page, but the toolbar simply doesn't show up.

FckEditor worked very smoothly with me. the Installation inctructions are simple and direct

RAILS_ROOT$ git clone git:// vendor/extensions/fckeditor
RAILS_ROOT$ rake radiant:extensions:fckeditor:update

Fck Editor started just fine after installation and working very smoothly with the new radiant version.

As for Wym Editor, i believe the installation instructions should have been more clear. it should be as follow:

RAILS_ROOT$ git clone git:// vendor/extensions/wym_editor_filter
RAILS_ROOT$ rake radiant:extensions:wym_editor_filter:install

The first git clone command wasn't listed in the readme file. when i cloned the repository it was downloaded the name wymeditor-for-radiant it took me sometimes to realize the mistake i have made by having the extension directory with an invalid name. However, i fixed my mistake and had it prepared.Then i faced another issue. the editor interface is not having the default english language.Digging shortly i realized it is loading the strings from the nl.js file which has danish language or something, insteal of loading en.js. I'm not sure yet if it was an installation problem or a bug on their side. Fck Editor was more prettier for my application so i didn't spent a lot investigating here.


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