A glimpse of fizo

Sitting there at the tram on my way to work, when i saw fizo.. a 70 years old fizo.

Well, it wasn't our own fizo himself. It was an old man who seemed to be like a future image of fizo. He was thin, had a white mustache and mixed (white, gray) mid long hair on the sides of his head, wore black framed glasses and clean tidy outfit, and moreover, his fingure nails looked something close to those of foze.

just wondering how would i look like if i was to reach that age..


I wish I would be there to see me :D

thanks 7ooda for this portrait.
Anonymous said…
i think u would be bolder, few white hair, lot of creases on ur face.. fit, fast walking, comfortable clothes they won't be so neat..
same old mahmoud with few more years :)

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