Nearly every running business around the world is based on reputation. That's why business owners treat customers with extreme carefulness..

In Egypt though, a lot of people just can't realize that. They think that it is ok to treat some customers in an improper way, because there are a lot of other target customers. They think that what actions that they do pass unseen for the public.

What those people don't realize is that we're in a very small world. Nothing is secret anymore. If you want to maintain a good reputation, do not act improperly, do not provide poor quality service, and definitely do not try to hide parts of the law that are not on your side hoping the other party will not notice it.

I've seen some people ruining the reputation of their organization by some irresponsible acts. After all, for the customer, the whole organization is represented in that employee they are dealing with.

What surprised me is that i saw people who low in the organization hierarchy and showing extreme carefulness about the reputation of their place. And at the same time, higher managers behaving in a very irresponsible manner.. not acting in a professional manner.. and totally blowing their companies reputation.

Guys... i'm not a kid in school like some people out there.. I do not take things personally... I'm professional enough to know where to put my time. and definitely.. You are not worth it.


bob gamed said…
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for writing this.

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