here i am..

at my work.. eSpace.. the place i love.. surrounded by people i love and admire.. trying my best to contribute in making it a better place..
i was assigned some sort of un clear task.. well.. the task was clear.. but it was to investigate something that is not clear.. which make things more tough..
it's my job.. that's why it is hard.. if i needed someone to help me with it.. that someone could have done it instead... its complexety is the reason it is left to me..

am i good enough for it?

i wish i can be more organized in the way i think... it would have helped a lot..


oldmoe said…
Yes you are good enough for it. Specially if those around you are willing to give a hand. Count me in ;)
change destiny said…
well if you were organised in thinking . You wouldnt be that good. Trust me whenever you finf yourself with organised non confused thoughts , then you are just not thinking straight enough .
magic said…
Ofcourse Mahmoud, How can u ever doubt that u r not good enough?
The tasks are the ones which r not good enough for u, ever thought about that?! ;)
mahmoud said…

well if the tasks aren't good enough for me. maybe i'm in the wrong place.. but i don't feel i am so..

i love what i do
i belong here
the feeling of frustration and not progressing might appear whether u r in ur place or not
mahmoud said…
i disagree Change Destiny,
thinking straight in an organized way with no confusion does not mean that nothing is going wrong.. u know that some stuff are wrong but u can see them. u can worry about them.
the unorganized fellow will see that something is wrong.. but he can't identify it. so he gets stuck in the mess.. he cannot get over the problem he cannot see..
magic said…
Glad I managed to make u voice out some important facts, this is where u belong :)
mahmoud said…
3 years later...

with more confidence...

Still doing magic though :D :D

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